Counseling Services

I love my work and consider it an honor to participate in a person’s journey toward health, clarity and better quality of life.

In my therapy practice, I do not use the traditional psychoanalytical approach where one lies down on a couch and attempts to remember as much as possible from their past and anxiously waits for my grand interpretation at the end of session. In fact, I do not even have a couch in my office.

In my work, I strive to create a dynamic with my clients where we work together to discover more assertive and grounded approaches to current challenges or difficulties. One proven approach to accomplishing this is getting more informed and connected with the role of emotions in our lives.

“Emotions are a horrible master, but a great servant.”

Part of my goal is to help clients discover the benefits when emotions truly become servants. The root word of emotions means “to move.” One of the remarkable functions of our emotions is to actually move us toward our identity and goals. With this in mind, I guide my clients in ways to better identify and navigate their emotions in a healthy, productive way.

My office address:

5183 Overland Ave., Unit C

Culver City, CA 90230

For an appointment please call:  310-977-0417 or email: