MindWork Employee Trainings

Brain“Understanding the brain helps common sense make more sense. When common sense makes more sense, we use it more often.”  David Bruce LMFT

David Bruce has a vision to influence work environments that make employers better both on the job and off. Research supports that people who take better care of themselves privately ultimately become better personally, relationally, and professionally. When companies make a proactive investment in their employees the benefits can be multifold.

This type of program is designed for growth mindset companies who believe that taking quality care of their employees results in employees taking quality care of their work and their performance. The MindWork approach is to equip employees with a unique understanding of how their minds work best and worst.

David has designed an innovative series of classes that introduce very basic brain dynamics and how to apply those to everyday challenges in life: managing stress, avoiding unhealthy addictions or behaviors, resolving interpersonal conflicts and sustaining creative productivity.

To schedule or discuss an onsite training, contact David Bruce directly at counseling@davidabruce.com or 310-977-0417.